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Welcome to Readers Rides! Please send in a few of your favourite images and a brief bit of history about your bicycle and your most memorable ride or greatest achievement and I will post it on this page and my FB page. Please ensure you own the copyright to the images and they are no larger than 2MB in size. Please send your images (or image) to thesportingpicture@gmail.com together with your name, make and model of bike and up to 200 words. The only criteria is the bicycle must be made in Great Britain! Thank you.


This was a great afternoon ride along the banks of the Thames from Marlow to Shiplake taking in the sights of Henley on Thames on my Pashley Guv’nor. Love riding this bike, but due to my job I cannot get out as much as one would like during the summer. Thankfully, slowing down now so hopefully we will have some good weather to enjoy the ride.

Keep posted for more Reader’s Rides!

Benson Veteran Cycle Ride Photographs


MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4498_066

I have been lucky to take part in  the Benson Veteran Bicycle Ride on a couple of occasions on my old Philips trade bike. Bikes have to be pre 1930’s although I’m sure a few newer ones slip through the net too! Here are a few images that I took a couple of years ago. Enjoy them and feel free to share them on your own blog and Facebook pages with a credit to my new blog  www.mybritishbicycle.me. Thank you.

MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-DSCF4310_001 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-DSCF4311_002 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-DSCF4312_003 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-DSCF4313_004 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-DSCF4316_005 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-DSCF4325_006 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4297_007 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4319_008 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4333_009 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4335_010 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4336_011 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4337_012 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4339_013 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4342_014 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4344_015 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4345_016 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4347_017 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4351_018 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4366_019 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4375_020 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4377_021 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4379_022 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4380_023 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4382_024 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4384_025 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4387_026 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4389_027 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4391_028 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4393_029 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4394_030 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4404_031 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4409_032 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4411_033 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4413_034 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4415_035 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4416_036 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4417_037 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4421_038 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4424_039 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4425_040 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4426_041 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4430_042 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4437_043 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4439_044 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4440_045 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4441_046 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4443_047 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4445_048 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4448_049 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4451_050 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4452_051 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4455_052 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4456_053 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4477_054 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4479_055 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4480_056 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4481_057 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4482_058 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4487_059 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4489_060 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4490_061 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4493_062 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4494_063 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4495_064 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4496_065 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4498_066 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4500_067 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4501_068 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4503_069 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4504_070 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4505_071 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4506_072 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4507_073 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4509_074 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4510_075 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4512_076 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4514_077 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4517_078 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4523_079 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4528_080 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4530_081 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4531_082 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4532_083 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4534_084 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4536_085 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4539_086 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4542_087 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4543_088 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4544_089 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4545_090 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4547_091 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4549_092 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4551_093 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4554_094 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4555_095 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4557_096 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4558_097 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4562_098 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4565_099 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4566_100 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4568_101 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4569_102 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4575_103 MyBritishBicycle.me - ML-IMG_4576_104

Tour Of Britain 2014 flew through our village today….


Today the #TourOfBritain came through our village so we thought it was only polite to take some time out this afternoon to take a stroll past the cricket ground and watch the racers as they sped past. With primary school children lining the way and quite a crowd of locals out to cheer the riders on it was a lovely atmosphere. I decided to head away from the crowd to get a few shots against a less cluttered background with some nice autumn colour behind the riders. I positioned myself with a few other people at the bottom off Kingston Hill in Kingston Blount, Canon camera in hand I was poised and ready! After lots of police and organiser motorbikes came flying though the cyclists suddenly appeared. I had to be quick as they had just travelled down the hill and still had plenty of pace. Here are a few of my favourite shots from the race, it all happened in such a blur and was all over in 30 seconds once the pack appeared. See if there are any cyclists you can recognise?